Lipstick Jungle

From L-R: Ruby Woo, Lovelorn, Strong Woman, and Magenta lip pencil

Since my blog is geared towards fashion and beauty, I’ve decided this week to stray away from the regular outfit of the day and show you guys some of the makeup products I’ve been using. This week I’m showing all you lovely readers the MAC lipsticks (and lip pencil) I’ve purchased last week.

Last week while I was waiting for a friend to get out of work, I decided to go inside Macy’s and look around their MAC section. While in MAC I decided to try and find the infamous Candy Yum-Yum lipstick that almost every Youtube vlogger have been raving about. Sadly, the lady that was helping me out  said it was sold out. However, I needed a nice pink lipstick that would look nice on my skin tone. She suggested I try out a pale pink lipstick called Lovelorn. I decided to buy it along with the notorious RubyWoo lipstick and a lip pencil in the color Magenta.
Lovelorn is a more luster finish which means it doesn’t dry on your lips like matte lipsticks. Even though it is bright in the tube, once applied it has a nice sheer finish. Paired with the magenta lip pencil, it turns the color from a pale pink to a brighter pink (not as bright as Candy Yum-Yum). 
Lovelorn by itself (no lip pencil)
Closeup of the lip
Lovelorn with Magenta lip pencil
Ruby Woo is a matte finish that is very drying to the lips, but if you prime your lips with a lip balm or Vaseline, it shouldn’t be as dry. Ruby Woo is that bright red lipstick that makes you think of Marilyn Monroe or of a pin-up girl. Very beautiful color and looks great on every skin tone. Also, the color is very versatile. If you pair Ruby Woo with a darker lip pencil, such as Nightmoth (also by MAC), it turns your bright red lips to a darker vampy shade, which is perfect for fall and winter. I wanted to buy Nightmoth or some alternatives to it, but Macys were sold out of them. 

Ruby Woo (no lip pencil)

I also bought Strong Woman (from their online store) which is a limited edition lipstick that is from their Strength collection. Unfortunately, they are sold out of it online. However, if you try any local MAC store, they might have it or recommend some dupes for it.   
Strong Woman is a bright violet lipstick that also has a matte finish like Ruby Woo but it isn’t as drying. When applying it on my lips, it glided on more smoothly. But then, after about 5-10 minutes it becomes matte. You can wear Strong Woman with or without a lip pencil but I’ve decided to wear it with one. 
Strong Woman with Magenta lip pencil
All three lipsticks are long lasting, but of course, with most lipsticks if you eat or drink, you have to reapply. Strong Woman and Ruby Woo are very pigmented colors; and just like Ruby Woo, Strong Woman looks great on any skin tone. 
Swatches of all lip products
These are my first set of MAC lipsticks and as a person who uses more drugstore or lower end lipsticks, I was a bit skeptical because MAC is a bit overrated but I can see why many woman love it. I am a satisfied customer who will be returning for more.
Tell me in the comments down below your favorite MAC lipstick that you love or that I should try out.
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