New Beginnings

Happy New Year everyone!

My name is Simone Danielle. I will be your fashion and beauty advisor. Growing up, I had a passion for fashion (as cliché as that sounds) and an interest in makeup as well. As soon as there is a new issue of Glamour, Elle, Nylon or Vogue out, I am combing the newsstands to looking for them and seeing what the newest craze in the fashion world is. With makeup, I love how wearing red lipstick can take my look from safe to edgy and bold with a swipe of a hand. It’s as if I’m a different person depending on the look I’m going for with my makeup. Reminds me a little bit of playing dress up when I was younger. Nonetheless, my first passion will always be writing and with this blog I get to utilize all of these components.
Here is how Fashion Runs the World came into fruition.

Life after college:

I’ve graduated college a little over a year ago and even though I did not intern, I kept myself very busy on campus. After graduating, I applied to many positions within the fashion world but to no avail, no one would contact me. I grew tired of having to apply to different jobs and internships and not getting anywhere. After having a conversation with a good friend, I decided to go a different route. To become a fashion blogger. That way I can continue to hone my skills as a writer and have an outlet where I can showcase my love for all things fashion and beauty.

Taking a leap of faith:

With the new year beginning I decided that this year will be different; a new beginning for myself. Starting this blog wasn’t easy. I was very apprehensive because there are gazillons of fashion bloggers out there. Finding a niche in the blogging world isn’t an easy one because everything has been overdone already. “The market is over saturated and nobody would probably ever read my stuff”, I told myself. But I realized that even though there are many bloggers out there, we are all different. So here we are.

Purpose of FRTW:

I started Fashion Runs the World because younger girls and women should know that you don’t have to buy Alexander Wang shoes or that blazer from Balmain to showcase your style. You can shop at Forever21 or H&M and still achieve a glamorous look. There’s no point in buying expensive pieces if you can’t style it properly. That’s why I’m here. To inspire those who feel that they might want to change their style or evolve it all while I’m learning to do the same as well. I am not a small girl, but I’m not plus size either (maybe in the fashion world). I am in the middle or limbo as I like to call it. I can fit into clothes from regular stores but there are times where certain pieces are cut small that I have to go to a plus size store. I speak on the behalf of women who go through the same trials as I do when I buy clothes. But, I’ve learned over the years that even if a piece doesn’t fit properly you can still wear it. That is the beautiful thing about fashion-you can wear what you want, however you want.

Hopefully all of you readers out there will be willing to take this journey with me and let me be your guide for all things fashion.

Simone Danielle