Hot or Hype?: RiRi Woo

Rihanna is probably having one of best years in her career right now. Not only did she debut her clothing collaboration with River Island (her fall collection with the brand will be released later this year), she became the first artist in 20 years to have ten number one hit singles on the Billboard charts and to add to her many accomplishments this year, she released part one (out of four) of her collection with MAC cosmetics.

It’s no secret that Rihanna is a huge fan of MAC and her favorite lipstick (which I think is everyone’s fave) is Ruby Woo. So of course, when she released her new lipstick last week Thursday, it would be a remix of the cult classic. According to the MAC website, RiRi Woo is a “vivid, cool red with matte finish created by Rihanna”. Within three hours of its release, it sold out! Which isn’t really surprising because its Rihanna, duh! I was excited when my lipstick came in the mail because I just love red lipstick. It compliments every skin tone and it adds a bit of sexiness and edge to a makeup look. It’s classic. But, I digress.

L-R: Ruby Woo, RiRi Woo & Russian Red

RiRi Woo is a retro matte lipstick just like Ruby Woo, but not as drying. Upon first glance, it looks identical to Ruby Woo, but it is a bit darker when it goes on the lips. RiRi Woo is a more blue based red than her sister. It’s also very similar to Russian Red as well. If Ruby Woo and Russian Red (which I also have in my collection) was to have a baby, it would create RiRi Woo. The lipstick is nice especially with Rih’s signature embedded on it, but if you have either Ruby Woo or Russian Red than you should pass. You don’t have to run out and spend the money for it when there’s lots of drugstore alternatives to all three of the lipsticks.

Close up of RiRi Woo in natural lighting.

However, if you like Rihanna or love red lipstick (such as myself) than it is a great addition to your collection. The lipstick is great and very pigmented, but I was hoping for a bigger wow factor from it. If it was a little more darker than it would be more hot than hype. Sadly, its a passable lipstick. Nonetheless, Rihanna is releasing more makeup to add on to her collection with MAC throughout the year and with every release RiRi Woo will be available to purchase again. The next release is going to be sometime in June, so be on the look out for that because it will sell out quickly again.

Comment below if you think RiRi Woo is hot or hype. Would you guys buy it? Let me know in the comments down below.

Simone Danielle

  • Awesome post, I've been bummed that I didn't get my Riri Woo before it sold out, but you made me feel better. I usually just mix Ruby Woo and Russian Red for my everyday red…good to know I'm ok without it! I just started following you on Bloglovin 🙂

    Xx Kris

    • Lol yeah don't worry about it especially when you have both of those lipsticks. Don't get me wrong its a beautiful color but its not worth rushing out getting it or paying a lot of money on ebay for it. Thank you for following me and I followed you back 🙂