My Favorite Lipsticks for the Spring/Summer!

Hey loves, I am here with another makeup post for you guys and as you can probably tell by the title it’s all about lipsticks! I don’t like to call myself a lipstick addict, more like a connoisseur of sorts. I love lipstick and want to try all of them (the ones I like at least). However, this list is all about the shades I will be reaching for during the spring and summer seasons. I think its essential to wear bright lips for the warmer seasons. It brightens up your makeup look especially if everything is minimal and looks nice with a beautiful bright dress. Eight out of the nine products are MAC lipsticks and also majority of them are limited edition products. But don’t fret, I will list a drugstore dupe for them if there is one. So let’s begin!

1. RiRi Woo by MAC (limited edition):

    I reviewed RiRi Woo on my blog a few weeks ago and even though I like the lipstick, I didn’t think it was one of those lipsticks you had to run out and get the same day. In spite of that, I still think it’s one of those lipsticks that if you have, you should wear during the summer. It’s more moisturizing than her sister Ruby Woo and that’s important because my lips can become dry and chapped if its very humid in NY and its a nice color that is very versatile. 
RiRi Woo with Cherry lip liner by MAC
2.  Ablaze by MAC (limited edition):
A month or two ago MAC released this lipstick in their Fashion Sets collection and all the blogs were buzzing and for good reason. Other than the infamous Heroine lipstick being re-released, alot of people were talking about this lippie. It’s a beautiful orange-coral lipstick that is perfect for the summertime. It’s a matte finish (which I love) and looks nice many skin tones. It might look daunting in the tube, but with the right lip liner, it can work for women with dark skin tones like mines and possibly darker. 
Ablaze lipstick with Chestnut lip liner by MAC
3. Heroine by MAC (limited edition):
As stated above, the oh so infamous Heroine was released in the Fashion Sets collection and everybody wanted to get their hands on it and I can see why. It’s a beautiful bright purple color and love purple lipstick. Some people look at purple lipstick as more of a fall color but I think its a great alternative in the spring and summer, if you don’t like to wear pink lipstick. In my opinion, I prefer purple lippies over pinks any day and pink is one of my favorite colors! But I digress. Like its cousin Ablaze, its also a matte finish.
DUPE ALERT: Violent Volt by Milani Cosmetics
Heroine lipstick with Magenta lip liner by MAC
4. Embrace Me by MAC (limited edition):
Lastly from the Fashion Sets collection is Embrace Me. It’s a very bright pink lipstick that resembles the cult favorite Candy Yum-Yum. Like Ablaze, its very bright in the tube and looks a little intimidating; however, its a beautiful shade that looks good on all skin tones.
DUPE ALERT: Fuchsia Flash by Maybelline Cosmetics
Embrace Me lipstick with Magenta lip liner by MAC
5. Daddy’s Little Girl by MAC (limited edition):
This lipstick came with the Archie’s Girls collection that came out earlier in the year. I wasn’t really planning on buying anything, but when I saw swatches of this color online, I knew I had to get it. Daddy’s Little Girl is from the Veronica side and its a magenta/fuchsia color. It’s a satin finish, which means it will glide on smoothly and isn’t as drying to the lips, like a matte finish.
Daddy’s Little Girl lipstick with Magenta lip liner by MAC
6. Strong Woman by MAC (limited edition):
Probably one of my favorite purple lipsticks in my collection (even though Herione is a close runner up). This was from the Strength collection and is very similar to Herione, however, Strong Woman is a little bit more darker.
Strong Woman lipstick with Magenta lip liner by MAC
7. Lovelorn by MAC:
This was my first pink lipstick that I picked up from MAC. Around that time CYY was being released as a permanent color and even though I wanted to see what all the hype was about, I didn’t want a very bright pink lipstick as my first lipstick. I wanted something for more everyday wear and Lovelorn offers that. Its a baby pink shade with a lustre finish. It’s very moisturizing on the lips and you don’t have to wear a lip liner to keep it in place. 
Lovelorn lipstick with Rose lip liner by NYX
8. Rebel by MAC:
I know what you guys are thinking. Why would I consider Rebel (which is a deep fuchsia/berry color) as a spring/summer lipstick? Well the answer to that is because, I think everyone should one non-bright lipstick for the season. Not all the time (or depending on where I’m going) do I want to wear these lipsticks. If I want to wear a dark lipstick without it being too vampy, this would be my go to color. Also, I’m different and have worn a bright pink lip in the middle of winter. However, its a beautiful shade and very versatile. Depending on what lip liner you use, the color can become very vampy or not. It’s one of my all year round favorites and a must have in any lipstick connoisseur’s collection.
Rebel lipstick with Currant lip liner by MAC
9. Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Backstage Bambi by Kat Von D:
Rounding out my favorite spring/summer lipsticks is Backstage Bambi by Kat Von D. I know the only non-MAC shade in this whole list! I love this lipstick. Technically its called a “liquid lipstick” and the reason for that is because it doesn’t come in the conventional tube like MAC. The packaging looks like a long tube of lip gloss but its not. It’s a vivid hot pink shade, resembling CYY and Embrace Me by MAC. Backstage Bambi is more of a lip stain than a lipstick and that’s a good and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because, the color dries matte and lasts all day long. No, it really does lasts all day long. You can eat and drink with the color on and it doesn’t move. Sadly because of that, it really stains your lips and is very hard to come off. Nonetheless, it’s a great shade for all you non-MAC lovers out there and is worth the money because you get more product than the tube lipsticks.
Backstage Bambi lipstick with Magenta lip liner by MAC
Let me know in the comments down below, what are your favorite lipsticks are for the spring and summer! Also, if you guys have any recommendations of lipsticks I should try, I would love to know 🙂
Simone Danielle