My Current Obsession: The Asymmetrical Skort

L-R: Zara, Choies, Forever 21 & Shop Akira

Hi guys, I am back today with a post on my current obsession; which is the skort. For all of you 90’s babies out there, you should know what I’m talking about. For those of you who are staring at the screen wondering what the hell I’m talking about, I shall share some of my knowledge with you. A skort is a skirt and a short made together. It’s suppose to look like a skirt in the front, but when you look to the back its a short. Get it? I know it can be confusing. I was confused at first too. When I was younger I owned a pair of these and actually hated it. I mean who thought of sewing a skirt and a short together and thought it would be cute?! Anyway, its making a comeback with a more modern edge. However, the type of skort I’m obsessing over isn’t no ordinary one; it’s the asymmetrical skort.

Zara Mini Skort    
Choies White Culottes with Asymetric Hem

I love the hem in the front of the skort. It gives it more of a edge and I love that you can dress this piece up with a nice top and heels or dress it down with a graphic tee and flats (or Converses, if you want to be sporty). It’s very versatile piece that everyone should own. Stores such as Zara to Forever 21 carry these bottoms, so it’s suitable for every price range.

Forever 21 Daring Asymmetrical Skort

Shop Akira Pleather Waist Geometric Skort

I’m buying at least two of these; one in black and one in white or maybe some other color. Regardless, I need this skort in my closte ASAP! Comment down below and tell me what your current obsession is whether its beauty, makeup, fashion or all three.

Simone Danielle