Mara Hoffman S/S ’14

All photos were taken by me.

“I call this collection ‘a gang of rainbow warriors’. If there were ever a gang that worshiped rainbows, this is what they would wear!” – Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman never fails. She always delivers with every fashion show she has and I enjoy almost every single one. I love how she isn’t afraid to use funky patterns and colors in her clothing. She went all out this season describing her “rainbow warriors” as “brighter and bolder than ever”. It was a fun show to watch just like the Desigual show.
Staying true to her boho-chic signature style, one by one her gang of “rainbow warriors” walked out in beautiful maxi dresses, separates, jumpsuits and swimsuits all in an array of colors. What I really loved was the braids that each model wore to go with the clothes. It’s not just clothes that is interesting when watching these runway show, its also the makeup and the hair.

I was prepared this time by bringing my friend’s camera with me. I apologize in advance for some shots that are a little blurry. However, I got some really good ones!

At the end of the fashion show, Mara comes out wearing pants from her collection and then brings out her daughter who is wearing the exact same outfit and waves to the crowd. It was so cute!

Which outfit was your favorite from the collection?

Simone Danielle