NYFW Day 1 Recap!

If you guys been following me on Twitter and Instagram (and if you’re not, you definitely should), you guys saw that I attended NYFW for the first time ever. Earlier this year, I shot an OOTD outside the tents but I never actually went inside or attended any shows. This season I was invited to seven shows and was suppose to see eight (saw an extra show), however I didn’t get to see the Tracey Reese show. I will post full reviews of every show I saw throughout the week and the events that I went to as well. I met a lot of people that I watch on YouTube and follow on their blogs. I was almost starstruck. I also met lots of people with whom I can network with as well. This has been a tiring week, but also a great one as well.

Before I get into a recap of my time at fashion week. I just wanted to thank all my readers, my friends and family, and everyone who supports my blog. Without you guys reading my posts, I probably wouldn’t have been here. Its one of my dreams to attend fashion week and because of you guys I did and will continue to go. Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me.
Now on to the festivities!
I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really find out I was going to any show until probably a week before, which had me scrambling all over my house and the internet trying to find something to wear. I had to express ship a lot of things to my house so I can wear them to a fashion week. Sigh. I was so unprepared, but in February I will not be! While I was waiting on my black dress from ASOS to arrive (which didn’t fit by the way), I didn’t really know what to wear for my first day. To me the first day of fashion week  is like the first day of school. Remember, pulling out your hair trying to figure out what to wear? That was me. The first day was important to me because I was attending a Christian Siriano event later that evening and the NYFW Accessories Showcase which Naty from A Love Affair with Fashion was hosting. I had to look good. However, amongst rushing I didn’t really like what I was wearing, but I loved the shoes I got from Zara. I liked my skirt too, I just didn’t like the shirt I paired it with. All of that means , I didn’t a OOTD that day, but I did all the other days and I will put those up throughout the week as well.

Shoes: Zara / Skirt: Forever 21
After watching the Desigual and The Art Institute of New York show, the first stop on my list was to attend the one year anniversary of Christian Siriano’s clothing line. For some of you guys, who aren’t familiar with Christian Siriano, he was a contestant from Project Runway and he also has a shoe line with Payless. The event was held in his shop in soho. It was a nice event filled with people who knew Christian himself and potential buyers of his clothes. Whoever spent a certain amount that night was entered to win two tickets to see his fashion show. I didn’t end up buying anything, however I did go to support his success with his line. I must say his clothes are gorgeous and he’s a nice guy. I will definitely buy some things from his line in the future.

Christian Siriano and I
My second stop was to the NYFW Accessories showcase hosted by Untapped PR and Naty Michele of A Love Affair with Fashion.I love her and her blog. The event featured 13 designers showcasing watches, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, etc. Not was the event for showcasing people some under the radar designers but it was also the launch of Naty’s friend Jaclynn’s blog called Blazers & Bellinis. I met Naty and she is one of the nicest women I’ve met. She was very down to earth and humble. We ended up having a heartfelt conversation, which almost made my friend Christina cry. All three of us was about to cry, but we maintained our composure and enjoyed the event. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for long because I had to go to work, however, I had a great time. I even got a gift bag which had a free watch by NOOKA and I also got to take some business cards in case I ever want to buy some things from some of these designers.
Some watches from NOOKA
Sunglasses from Vaunt Eyewear
Trying on a pair of glasses from Vaunt Eyewear
Cool shades from the fellas of Jimmy Swagg

Nice shoes from Brittney Scott Designs
Naty Michele and I
Hope you guys enjoyed. Thank you again and I hope to see you guys in my next post 🙂
Simone Danielle