CZAR by Cesar Galindo S/S ’14

Models at the Cesar Galindo presentation. All photos were taken by me.

Futuristic prints, sleek hairstyles, flowing maxi dresses and bicycles (yes, bicycles!) were front and center during Cesar Galindo’s presentation on day 5 of New York Fashion Week. The inspiration for his spring collection was a simple answer. “Instant travel, global travel: you can go anywhere in the world with the snap of your fingertips”, said the Houston native.

As soon as I walked in, I was in awe. I loved all the clothes. They were very edgy and futuristic. The makeup was alien-esque to me. It was as though the models came from another planet and dropped down to earth. It was lots of metallic in the clothing and the makeup as well. The collection was also very colorful as well.

This was my only presentation out of all the shows that I went to and I actually prefer them over the runway shows. Its so much easier to take pictures of the models because they are just standing still; while during runway shows , models are walking  down a catwalk. And as you guys have seen, its kind of hard to capture the clothes while the models are moving. Also, that means I got to take lots and lots of pictures. The best part about this presentation was that Mr. Galindo was present at the presentation as well. He was warmed by lots of reporters and friends but I still managed to take a picture with him later and speak to him as well. He is very nice. I had lots of fun.

Cesar Galindo & I at his after party at the Monarch Rooftop in the city.

Which outfit was your fave?

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