J. Mendel S/S ’14

All photos were taken by me.

On my last day of my amazing NYFW experience, I was invited to the J. Mendel show. I honestly didn’t think I would of been invited because I got the invite during the Cesar Galindo after party that Monday. The show was on Wednesday! Very last minute. But I didn’t care, I dropped whatever I was doing that day to go because its J. Mendel! One doesn’t turn down an invitation like that!

Anyway, I was very excited because he’s one of my favorite designers. His dresses are ah-mazing! To me, he’s the epitome of high fashion/chic clothing. I love how he incorporates daytime looks with some nighttime outfits. It’s always a mix batch with his shows and it’s exactly what I got this year.

Inspired by the unrestricted French singer Serge Gainsbourg and his song “Cargo Culte”. Now while Mendel didn’t push the envelope and channel Gainsbourg, his collection reminded me of uptown glamour. Some of his outfits look like stuff women from the Upper West Side would wear. Mendel used different types of lace, yellows, reds, and of course black. He also used python skins and audacious jungle-leaf jacquards used for numerous, form-fitting silhouettes.

I had many favorites in this collection. Here are some more them down below.

Which was your favorite?

Simone Danielle