Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Review

Urban Decay Vice 2 palette.

Happy New Year, loves! I hope everybody had a safe and fun new year. One of my resolutions for FRTW this year this year is to review more beauty products. I am a fashion & beauty blogger after all, I can’t just write about clothes only. So for the first post of 2014, we are going to be talking about Urban Decay’s Vice 2 palette.

I received the Vice 2 palette as a Christmas gift from my friend Kristy (thanks, girl!). I already own the first Vice palette and I loved it. I didn’t think UD would be able to top it, but they did. Good job, Urban Decay. UD is one of my favorite makeup brands. All of their shadows are very pigmented, glittery and they come in  an array of colors. The only downside is that they don’t have a lot of matte shades; but that’s something that I don’t really mind.

Back to the palette. Vice 2 comes with 20 new and exclusive shades just like its predecessor, but that’s where the similarities kind if end. First, let’s start with the packaging for the V2 palette. I love the packaging on this palette than on the first one. The first Vice palette packaging was a matte purple material with the letters UD embossed on the top and it was cute, however, it gets dirty quick with fingerprints and I hated that. Luckily for the V2 palette, they upgraded the packaging. Instead if a rubbery-matte purple finish, its a glossy marbled purple finish which won’t leave any fingerprint stains on it.

The beautiful colors in the Vice 2 palette.

Out of the 20 shades, there are only two matte shades: Rewind & Habit. In the Vice palette, there are only four matte shades. I know UD is trying to integrate more matte shadows into their collections; however downgrading the matte shades from four to two wasn’t a really good idea. If you prefer more matte shades, then V2 might not be the palette for you. Nonetheless, Rewind is a great crease color especially on women of color. Habit isn’t a bad eyebrow highlight color; but if I don’t want it to look crazy on me because the color is very light; I would have to use the shade Dope to make it appear on my skin tone better.

The rest of the shades in this palette aren’t matte and have very little fallout compared to the first one. The shade ranges from browns and golds to pinks and blues. The colors are very gorgeous. I like these colors more than the last Vice palette. I can step out of my makeup comfort zone a little more. Instead of just using brown and gold shadows, I can use green or blue and even pink. In my opinion, I can make more makeup looks with these shades. As soon as I got the palette, I’ve been using it for all of my eye looks, which is kind of crazy, since I like to switch up the shadows that I use.

Radar on the inner corner of the eye, Ambush on the rest of the lid, Derailed in the crease, Smokeout on the outer lid, Damaged on the lower lash line & a mixture of Dope and Habit as a eyebrow highlight.

Betrayal on the center of the lid, Voodoo in the crease and outer lid and a mixture of Dope and Habit as a eyebrow highlight.

My favorite colors in this palette are Rewind, Smokeout, Damaged, Radar, and Betrayal. The only color I was disappointed with is Voodoo. It doesn’t give off the color payoff that I was hoping for. I might have to work with it more for me to pull off the look I want with it. Other than that, I would rate this palette a 9 out of 10. If you have the first Vice palette, you should still get this one. It’s worth the $59. You guys will not be disappointed.

The Vice 2 palette is limited edition, but you can still snag this bad boy at the Urban Decay website.

If you still think the Vice 2 palette isn’t hot, then check these swatches out:

L-R: Smokeout, Lovesick, Shellshock, Coax, X-rated
L-R: Prank, Madness, Strike, Stash, Poison
L-R: Radar, Damaged (my all time favorite), Voodoo, Betrayal, Derailed
L-R: Dope, Toxic, Habit, Ambush, Rewind (which is actually more darker, but my camera is picking it up lighter, sorry guys.)

I know this is a long post, but I wanted to say that it is also Fashion Runs the World one year anniversary. Time has flown by and in a span of a year, I’ve met some awesome bloggers and learned a few things about how blogging really is. I promise to continue writing (and to write more) on this blog. Thank you to everyone who supports my blog and reads it continuously. You guys are the best! And if you haven’t notice FRTW under went a little makeover. Be sure to browse around the site when you’re done. Thank you again.

Simone Danielle