This past week the Internet has been buzzing and no I’m not talking about the Jay, Bey, Solange drama; but something rather inspiring. It does deal with Queen B, but in wayyyy a better light. Last Wednesday one of my fave bloggers, Gabi Gregg of Gabifresh.com dropped this killer video featuring Nadia Aboulhosn (another fave) and Tess Munster showcasing that no matter what size you are, you are still FLAWLESS. Of course, they used the song ***Flawless by Beyonce as their anthem. It’s a redo of the video but in their own way.

This video couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally. I’m a fashion blogger and sometimes I look at pictures from my peers and think to myself, “Why can’t I wear a crop top like that?” or “I want to wear high waisted pants like so and so but I’m afraid of how my stomach would look.” Now don’t get me wrong, I love my body but sometimes I don’t have the confidence to wear crop tops or dresses with cutouts. However, I’m slowly working on integrating those pieces and then some into my wardrobe.

The reason why I love this video because this is a big f*^k you to society. Who cares what size I wear? Or what my body type is; if I see something I like I’m going to wear it…with confidence. Don’t get me wrong as women we should wear things that fit our body type nicely. I’m not going to wear anything that wouldn’t look good on me, but the point is no one should feel like they can’t wear something because they aren’t a size 2 or 4. On Friday, I went shopping and tried on a few clothes from F21, H&M and  Zara. Everything I tried on either didn’t fit or I hated how it looked on me. At the end of my shopping expedition, I felt defeated and I almost cried because nothing was fitting me. And I did beat myself up like what most women do. But, then I got home and thought about it. I’m FLAWLESS. I’m a beautiful person with a beautiful body even though I’m a size 10/12! Instead of beating myself up, I’m going to love my body, no matter what.

And you should to!

If you guys haven’t watched the video, its down below.

I hope this will inspire any of you guys who don’t believe that they are flawless, because you are 🙂

Simone Danielle