Macaron Meetup

Outside the amazing eatery.

This past Saturday I went to a blogger meetup, which was hosted by the fabulous Monica of Jersey Girl, Texan Heart. Along with Monica (who I finally got to meet), I met five more bloggers who I will speak more about shortly. But, first let’s talk about where we went.

We went to eat at Ladurée in Soho. I’ve never went there before, but after eating there I can’t wait to go back. The food was so good. I never had french food before, so I was excited when Monica told me where we were going. Inside the restaurant is BEAUTIFUL! It was very Parisian. Once we walked inside, I kind of felt that I was transported to Paris. I know that sounds geeky, but it really is nice in there. There’s also an outdoor section, which would of been perfect because the weather was perfect. However, we opted to sit next to the outside area, which was great, because we it was the best of both worlds. We got to marvel at the decor while enjoying the nice spring breeze.

The menus at Ladurée. Aren’t they cute?
Gorgeous painting inside Ladurée.
Nicolette’s bag kind of matched the color of the doors. Haha.
I had the French toast with whipped cream. It was very yummy and sweet! Also, I opted to getting coffee instead of a mimosa.

Now to meet some of the my new blogger friends.

Yes she did this herself. She has a tutorial on her blog. Click here

This is girl with the amazing nail art pictured above is Monica. She blogs over at Jersey Girl, Texan Heart. She is such a sweetheart and I finally got to meet her. I met her through the Lucky contributor site and we’ve tried meeting up at least two times and now we finally saw each other! Along knowing how to make her nails look pretty, she also owns a shop on Etsy. She decorates jars and sells them on her Etsy shop. Click here to see some of her work. Monica made jars for all of us and customized it for each and every one of us.

This is my jar of course. Its painted pink (which is my favorite color) and she made a pink shoe and the world after my blog. I love it.
L-R: Nicolette, Sara, Megan & Alexandra

The cute girl in the pink jacket (twins!) is Nicolette and she blogs over at Nuestra Nikky. Nicolette and Monica knew each other from their job and became friends. She’s fairly new to blogging. She was inspired by Monica’s blog and decided to start her own. She has such a bubbly personality and can’t wait to hang with her again.

Next to her is Sara. Her blog is called Sincerely, Sara. Along with blogging, she’s also a writer (a girl after my own heart) and I can’t wait to read one of her books because I know she’s going to publish a book.  She is also really sweet.

Next to her is Megan from Travel Write Draw who is a fashion illustrator. Her drawings are so amazing and beautiful. She had one of her drawings made onto to her iPhone case and I told her that she should sell her drawings on cases because I would buy them. That’s how beautiful her drawings are.

On the far right with the beautiful scarf is Alexandra. She blogs over at Lexicon of Style. Not only is she an amazing blogger with a great sense of style but she made that scarf she is wearing around her neck. She has a shop, which is also on her blog. I will be buying one for this weird spring weather we are having in NY haha.

Photo Credit: Monica

Lastly, the girl on the far right in the Merci Paris shirt is Alexandra. I met two Alexandra’s in one day haha. This Alex blogs over at Glory Boon. She is a fashion and beauty blogger and she owns her own makeup line. Eek! All of her products contain natural ingredients which are good for the skin. I took a look at her Etsy shop and I’m definitely going to be buying some things that I will review on the blog. Also, she is hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing at the table with her.

Megan and Alexandra’s drinks. I love Megan’s pink clutch and Alex’s scarf.
The window outside. So cute!
The box of macarons are actually Monica’s but the packaging is cute!
This was my first time eating a macaron and it was delicious. The flavor I had was Pistachio.
Some of the lovely ladies and me. I wish we had someone take a pic of all of us.

I had such a great time and we are going to do this again and I can’t wait. It was so fun and I always enjoy meeting and making new friends. When it comes down to it, this is why I enjoy blogging so much. Meeting new people who share the same passion as you and understand some of the struggles that come with chasing your passion. We talked about alot and I hope to see this ladies soon.

Here are their links. Be sure to check them out and support their work!

Monica’s blog: Jersey Girl, Texan Heart
Etsy shop: Jars by Monica

Sara’s blog: Sincerely, Sara

Megan’s blog: Travel Write Draw

Nicolette’s blog: Nuestra Nikky

Alexandra’s blog: Lexicon of Style
Etsy shop: Lexicon of Style Design

Alexandra’s blog: Glory Boon
Etsy shop: Glory Boon

Until next time guys!

Simone Danielle

  • I was stalking your blog and just saw this post! I can't believe I missed it 🙁

    Thank you for all of your kind words lady! I can't wait to see you again!