5 Summer Beauty Trends That You Must Try

Summer Beauty Must Haves

Summer is here, which means there are new beauty trends to try out! The great thing about trends is that nobody takes them too seriously (well you shouldn’t) because they come an go, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun trying them out. These are the five beauty trends that I’m going to try this summer and you guys should try them too!

1. Colorful Mascara. Ditch your boring black mascara and make your eye makeup pop with mascara in hues of blue, purple, or green. I can’t wait to create different eye looks that will go with my colored mascara.

2. Graphic Eyeliner. Inspired by this season’s fashion shows, take your cat eye up a notch by doing a double liner or extending the tail of your cat-eye to the middle of your crease. It will draw people’s attention start to your eyes and make people stop and ask you how you did that. I’m excited to challenge my cat-eye skills by trying this trend out. It’s probably easier than it looks.

3. Luminous/ Glowing Skin. Add some luminizer to give your skin a sun kiss glow. I love luminous skin in the summer time. Your skin just looks healthier when its glowing and it goes great with the tan I will get from the beach! Haha.

4. Colorful Eyeliner. Create your graphic eyeliner with liners in a different color such as purple or line over your black eyeliner with a different color to add more definition to your eyes. I really can’t wait to try this trend out and using bright colors to add an extra oomph to my eyes.

5. Orange Lips. Orange is the color that should be on everyone’s lips this summer. There’s so many different variations of this color, that it will go perfectly with every skin tone. I already bought one orange lippie for the summer and I’m loving it. I’m going to buy more for the summer season.

What summer beauty trends are you loving?

Simone Danielle

  • I would love to try colorful mascara! That sounds really fun! Love the orange lips trend too!

    • I love orange lips! They're a nice alternative to red lipstick. Try some colorful mascara lol. If you're going to try, but L'oreral Miss Manga eyes mascara, they come in black, purple, and blue!