Hot or Hype?: Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner

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Benefit Cosmetics is expanding their They’re Real! line with the release of They’re Real! Push Up Liner,
which is, “the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! This matte
black gel formula won’t smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative
soft AccuFlex™ tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner. The closer
the line, the bigger the eye!” The liner isn’t available in stores or
online until June 27th, but I was able to pre-order the liner and try it
out before it hit stores.

To use the liner, remove the orange applicator and twist the base until you see the product. I didn’t know you had to twist the base about 8-10 times. I twisted it once and nothing came out. I kept on twisting about four more times and still nothing came out, so I thought I received a defected liner and I got mad. But, I still kept trying until it came out. Haha. So ladies (and genetleman), keep twisting for about 8-10 times so you can save yourself aggravation. After the product comes out, place the liner towards your eye and line your eyes the way you normally would. According to the instructions, one click should have enough product to line both eyes, however for me, I use about 2 clicks for each eye when I do a cat eye. Maybe one click is enough, if I was lining my eyes regularly.
Close up of the AccuFlex™ tip.
The great thing about this liner is that it is super black and smudge proof. I prefer liquid eyeliners because most gel liners aren’t super duper black, however, They’re Real! liner is really black and doesn’t move. Once you start lining your eyes, the liner dries quickly, which means you have to move a bit quickly if you want to achieve a perfect cat eye. Prior to receiving this product, I looked at a few YouTubers review of the product and it received a lot of mixed reviews. Some beauty gurus felt like the liner is too dry that it tugs on your eye, which makes application harder. I have oily eye lids, so the liner glided on my eye smoothly, which is a good and bad thing (I’ll talk more in depth about that later). The AccuFlex™ tip makes doing a cat eye so much more easier for me and I love the fact that I can easily fix a mistake on my wing or make the line crisper with the tip. Also, the tip hugs my lashline better than most of the eye liners that I have in my collection do and it doesn’t irritate my eyes.
Close up of my right eye.
Close up of my left eye.

My biggest con (because not all products are perfect) is that if you have oily eye lids and don’t put a shadow on your lids or prime them, after a few hours your liner will smudge. When I go to work, I normally just do a winged liner without any shadow or primer on my lids and when I got home I noticed how my crease had a black line on it and some of my liner was smudged. The next day I decided to put eyeshadow on my eye and when I got home from work, there was no smudging. I guess if you don’t have oily eye lids than, you wont experience smudging, but if you do, you have to prime them so the oil from your lids won’t smudge the liner. However, using water wont smudge the line at all. To remove your eye makeup, you have to use a pretty strong wipe to get the liner off. I use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes and they wipe the line off really good.

I really like this eyeliner however, I think this liner is all hype. I probably wouldn’t buy this again because I have liners in my collection that doesn’t create black lines in my crease if I don’t prime them. However, if you don’t have that problem than maybe you might like this product a lot. For it’s first try, I think Benefit came out with a good product and that with a few more tweaks, this product will be perfect. Also, they should consider making this product in more colors, like brown for the guys and gals who don’t like to wear black eyeliner and in more colorful colors like blue or purple.
They’re Real! Push Up Liner retails for $24 and will be online and in stores on June 27th.
Will you be buying this product? If you already have the liner, do you think its hot or hype?
Simone Danielle

***Disclosure: I did not receive this product for free. All opinions expressed are my own. For more info, read my disclosure policy here.

  • I'm so glad you tested this out because I've been curious about it! It's an interesting idea and shape! I also have oily lids and liner smudges on me if I don't use a primer beforehand. I'll have to test this out at Sephora when it comes out. Thanks for the great review!

    • Yeah I hate that! And I'm kind of bummed that this liner does that. But do test it out and see if you like it. It's a good liner, they just need to tweak a few things. Thanks for reading Sara!