NYFW Spring 2015: Karolyn Pho

All photos were taken by me.

Karolyn Pho showcased her Spring 2015 collection at Pier 59 studios last week Tuesday. Her inspiration behind this season’s designs is a story about a vagabond girl. That vagabond girl was her for nine months couch surfing from house to house. “That’s where this whole idea of vagabond came into play. This feeling of being nomadic and not having a place to really call your sanctuary and not having those roots really help you to realize how little things you need-cutting out the necessity,” explains Pho on how she drew inspiration from her own life to create this collection.

The pieces in her collection are work-wear inspired with a touch of masculinity, however, there is still softness in her clothing. A lot of her designs features pockets (which I love!) and it goes back to Karolyn’s theme of utilitarianism and functionality by “cutting out the necessity.” For her color palette, Karolyn used white, blue, soft pinks and a hint of green. She was inspired by the Med-Deco architecture in Miami. In her past collections, Pho normally doesn’t use a lot of color or fabrication in her designs, but it was not the case in this collection. “There’s way more color than I am comfortable using. Which is a huge thing for me because I am not a color gal. There’s a lot of texture this season. It’s really really different in comparison to my other collections, but the silhouettes are all fairly the same,” said the designer.

This is my second time seeing Karolyn’s show and I always enjoy seeing her designs grace the runway. She always has a story to tell through her collection and her pieces are very wearable and clean. I like the whole women wearing menswear inspired pieces and I enjoy that the type of girl Karolyn envisions wearing her clothes is someone who is “clean, simple, classy and elegant and nothing girly about her”, my type of chick. My favorite piece is a long white vest, which I would totally wear as a dress too! As soon as I saw it, I turned to my friend Heather from Fashionista NY Girl and I told her how I needed that vest in my closet. Then funny enough a similar blue duster vest came down the runway and she told me how she wanted that one. Twinsies! Haha.

Before the show started, I got the chance to visit backstage and see all the magic happen. I really enjoy going backstage and seeing how everything comes together. I also got to talk to Karolyn who was super sweet and loved my nails. I got to see the clothes up close and personal and that’s when I saw the white vest and fell in love. Anyway check out some of the backstage pics down below.

What are your thoughts on Karolyn Pho’s spring collection?

Simone Danielle