NYFW Spring 2015: Mara Hoffman Brings Light to the Runway

Photo Credit: Popsugar.com
This collection is my reminder to self to be light“- Mara Hoffman 

Mara Hoffman is known for her bright and vibrant prints gracing down the runway, however this season, she steered away from her usual color palette and opted for pale and softer hues like pink, lavender and light blue (which are all my favorite colors).

From her last spring collection, Hoffman mixed it up by incorporating her signature swimwear with a mix of culottes, jumpsuits and maxis down the runway. Her collection this season called, “The Sunrisers,’ is inspired by the idea of being light in all ways. All of the designs in Hoffman’s collection were very light. She didn’t used any heavy fabrics like in her fall collection, instead the models looked like they were walking on air The pieces flowed down the runway so beautifully. I was happy that she decided to go with a softer color palette, because if she used brighter colors the effect wouldn’t be the same. My favorite piece out of her whole collection is this peachy southwestern printed jumpsuit with cutout on the side. I needed that outfit since it was terribly humid that on Saturday. 
What I love about any Mara Hoffman show is that she takes you away. You forget that you are standing with a bunch a people in a crammed space and that your feet are killing you because you decide to wear 5 in heels just to stand for over an hour. You forget all of that once you see all her beautiful designs walk down the runway and wish you were on an exotic beach drinking a mimosa with your girlfriends. That’s how I was feeling on Saturday. In my opinion an designer that can “take you away” has done a fantastic job in my book!  
Photo Credit: Thefashionspot.com
I wasn’t able to get any good pictures on my camera because of where I was. It was very difficult especially when you are standing next to rude people! My blogger pal Heather of Fashionista NY Girl can be testament to that. However I was able to get a video of the final walk. Haha.

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Simone Danielle