Makeup Monday: ColourPop Cosmetics Forget the Fruitcake Review

Happy New Year my loves! I am back with another review for a brand that I am currently obsessed with! ColourPop cosmetics is a new makeup brand that’s been getting lots of attention all over YouTube and the beauty blogs. Once I saw that one of my favorite beauty vloggers KathleenLights made a lipstick with them, I went over to their website to see what the hype is all of about. And let me tell you, the hype is real.

The best part about Colourpop cosmetics is that everything on their website (eyeshadows and lipsticks) are…wait for it……$5! I am not lying everything on the website (except for their sets) are $5. Which is pretty damn affordable. I can buy three lippie stix (which is what the brand calls their lipsticks, cute right?) for $15, which is the equivalent to one MAC lipstick. Same deal with their shadows. I did buy three of their eyeshadows and I will do a review on them soon.

My first Colourpop order was a bit small since I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with their awesome products. I looked at enough review and videos talking about this company that I knew whatever I buy will not disappoint me. Anyway, I ordered one their holiday lippie stix sets called Forget the Fruitcake. It is a limited edition but it is still available on their website.

Swatches L-R: Cookie, Confetti, Tuxedo, Cheers, Tutu & Lady.

The Forget the Fruitcake set retails for $30 and comes with 6 limited edition lippie stix. The shades that are included are:

I took these pictures without any lip liner but I wanted to show you guys how the color is straight from the tube. Also this is not as neat of an application as I hoped for. I was rushing a bit. Don’t judge me 🙁
Cookie is a true nude beige color that has a matte finish. (Didn’t use any lip liner with this one but it does look better when paired with a brown lip liner) 

Tuxedo is a cool toned neon pink that has a hyper glossy finish. 
Confetti (my favorite) is a true blue red that has a hyper glossy finish. 
Cheers is a deep raspberry that has a matte finish.
Tutu (my other favorite) is a blackened red violet that has a matte finish.
Lady is a cool toned dirty burgundy color that has a matte finish. (It looks more brown to me)
I love all of these shades even though looking at Cookie in the tube, I thought I couldn’t pull it off, however with a brown lip liner it works.The staying power for all the mattes are very good especially when its paired with a lip liner. I am not a glossy lipstick kind of girl but lately I’ve been loving the look of a glossy lip. With that said however, as soon I eat anything I have to reapply my lipstick and I hate reapplying my makeup but I don’t mind. I have nothing but good things to say about this set and I can’t wait to buy more products from them. The only con I would say is that these lippie stix aren’t permanent. Because I really want to backup Confetti and Tutu. Please make these permanent if you are reading this ColourPop team.
If you are unsure with this brand, I really think you shouldn’t hesitate and buy some products from this brand. They are really worth the hype and its $5! You can’t go wrong with that.
Which color is your favorite?
Simone Danielle