Bare Minerals #BYOB Blogger Meetup

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Last Saturday, I attended a NYC Blogger meetup hosted by Raven of SwankStylista and Mora from An Open Secret. It wasn’t a regular meet up that I’m typically use to where we all meet up for brunch, eat, drink and talk shit. Instead of eating, we bonded over one of my favorite pastimes: makeup. We all met up at the bareMinerals shade shop in Soho to discuss what we have in our makeup bags. I normally don’t carry a makeup bag with me because all I really need is lip liner and lipstick-plus I carry so much shit in my bag already, that I don’t want to add on to my load with a bag filled with products. However for the sake of this event I brought my makeup bag and filled it with things that I would need throughout the day, such as, powder, mascara, lipstick, blush and my brushes to apply them.

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Let me tell you the bareMinerals store is soooo nice. It’s spacious and the decorations are gorgeous! As soon as you walk in, you see pictures of women with different skin tones and then across from it, there’s a mission statement (as I like to call it) about the brand and what the company stands for. Before we went up to talk about our makeup bags, all of us had a chance to walk around and look at the numerous items that they carry. When we went upstairs there was food and refreshments that at first none of us wanted to touch (we were being shy). Haha. But eventually we all did. Each of us filled out a questionnaire and checked off all the items that were in our makeup bag. I checked off six items, but some girls had checked off 10! Lorraine (a makeup artist for BM) led the discussion all the while giving one of the girls a spring makeover. She was hilarious. She shared her makeup do’s and don’t’s; for example, don’t use your hands to apply foundation and showcased some of her favorite products from Bare Minerals. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t a fan of Bare Minerals but after seeing the products Lorraine was using, I definitely wanted to give their foundation a try. After the makeover, she opened the floor up for questions which a lot of us had. I’m not a pro (far from it) but I am lucky enough to always learn something new when it comes to makeup.
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Products Lorraine used.
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Finished look.
Everybody went downstairs after the Q&A session to continue the discussion and to possibly purchase products. One thing about me is that when it comes to events I am terribly shy. I never know what to say to person ever. So of course for the most part I’m in the cut observing everyone. I did get a chance to speak with Mora and chatted with Ariel from Revolutionary in Pink Pumps (love that name!). I wasn’t planning on buying anything but I spoke with Lorraine and she suggested that I use the Complexion Rescue along with their Matte Broad Spectrum foundation on top for a more fuller coverage. She tried the combo on half of my face and I loved it a lot that I ended up purchasing them. The best part is that I was matched perfectly and the foundation felt very light on my face. Technically it’s a BB/CC cream but I’ll talk about that when I write a full review on it. With my purchase I was able to receive the newest color of their Marevlous Moxie Buttercream lipgloss (it hasn’t been released to the public yet).
I’m so happy that I got to meet some bloggers. I’m sad that I didn’t take pictures with people or talk to Raven (lots of people were talking to her) but she reassured me that there will be more meetups, which I am excited for. As you guys know I love meetups (read about my last one here) and love meeting new bloggers. I just need to get out my shell more. Work in progress :).
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