The Jamie: My New Favorite Pair of Jeans

Monday was soooo beautiful outside that I had to take advantage of the weather and take some pics. Thankfully I did because its going to be rainy weather up until Saturday (thank goodness!). Now that its Spring, I do want to take more OOTD’s in different places throughout the city and Brooklyn as oppose to shooting near my house. It’s always good to switch things up sometimes.

Since it was gorgeous outside, I took my new favorite pair of jeans from Topshop for a spin. I had bought these in January but I was too much of a wuss to wear them during winter. You see how many rips are in the pants?! Anyway, I love the fit of these and I’m falling in love with distressed denim all over again. These are my second pair of Jamie’s (worn a blue pair in this post) and I can’t wait to buy more. I never think I would love denim from Topshop so much, but I see why people go gaga over them. I wanted to go with a simple look with the denim being the focus of the outfit so I decided to pair them with a white Boyfriend shirt. I normally don’t do the clean look but I like the over-sized fit of this shirt and it’s a top I always wanted (and every woman) in my closet. Of course, I had to throw on a pair of heels (RIP to them-more on that later) and rock a red lip. Plus since its warmer now, I got to break out my new trench coat! This is my first one and I love it very much. The pop of navy added an extra pop to an already monochromatic look.



Coat: ASOS / Top: Old Navy (on sale now) / Pants: Topshop / Shoes: Overstock (love these) / Watch: Michael Kors / Accessories: Forever 21 / Glasses: Jason Wu via Modo Eyewear / Lipstick: Confetti by ColourPop Cosmetics

Now onto my story on how my heel got destroyed during this photo shoot!

My friend Gwen (who normally takes my pictures) knows a spot by the water in Williamsburg that has nice scenery (as you guys can see), so I happily obliged. I forgot the exact name of the park but it’s where the Smorgasbord festival is held at every Spring. The view is breathtaking but what I forgot was that I would taking pictures by the rocks, which meant there would sand. Sand and stilettos don’t mix that well and in half the shots you couldn’t even see my heel :(. Also since I was trying to put my foot on the rocks, I ended up grazing the material off my heel. Once I saw it I had to post the video on my Snapchat. But you live and learn.


Simone Danielle