It’s finally warm in New York and I decided to give this beautiful floral shirt-dress that i bought from ASOS a go. I had a completely different outfit ready, but when I put on the outfit I did not like how it looked. Don’t you hate that? You have an outfit in mind and when you finally put it on, it doesn’t turn out as awesome as you thought it would be. Yeah, I hate that and it seems to happen to me a lot. Haha.

Once that happened I was just going to put on my sweats and go to the gym-full makeup on! But I decided to dig through my closet because I was not going to waste this beautiful day and not go out and shoot. Originally I saved this outfit for when I go to Chi-town in July, but it might disgustingly hot down there and would have no use for this dress. This dress is a Spring dress not a Summer dress unless you are a lucky girl and don’t sweat easily.


Anyway, this dress is so gorgeous! I’m happy I decided to find something and not give up like I originally was going to do. I love the colors of this dress. I wanted my look to be colorful but not too overbearing so I decided to pair my hologram pumps from Forever 21 with the dress and my favorite bag from Kate Spade Saturday-which is no longer around :(. The blue from the bag helps make the outfit pop a little more as oppose to wearing a white bag. A purple bag will also do the trick as well. This is my first time wearing a shirt-dress and it’s very versatile because you can wear it alone or as a shirt tucked in a skirt/shorts. Next time I wear this, I will have to wear shorts because I bent down to pick up something and I’m pretty sure someone saw something they weren’t suppose to see. Whoops!


Dress: ASOS (similar) / Shoes: Forever 21 (similar) / Bag: Kate Spade Saturday (similar) / Bracelet: H&M / Watch: Michael Kors / Lipstick : Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Aria


What’s your favorite thing about Spring?
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