Makeup Monday: Kat Von D Shade Light Eye Contour Palette Review

I am back with another #makeupmonday post! I think I might start this back up again and make it a regular thing on my blog (let me know guys!) But anyway, Sephora recently had their VIB/VIB Rouge 15% off sale last month and of course I didn’t know what to buy. However while looking through the Sephora website, I saw that Kat von D released a new eyeshadow palette which I had to check out!

The Shade + Light Eye Contour palette is an all matte palette that is separated into three quads- Neutral , Cool and Warm toned. Each quad comes with a base shade arranged above three coordinating shades to contour, define and highlight the eye. There are 12 shades in this palette, which are:

  • Laetus: Creamy nude
  • Lazarus: Cool taupe
  • Ludwin: Peachy bronze
  • Samael: Dusty fawn
  • Solas: Espresso brown
  • Lucius: Soft beige
  • Saleos: Smokey brown
  • Shax: Jet black
  • Liberatus: Pinkish ivory
  • Succubus: Rich rust
  • Sytry: Chocolate brown
  • Latinus: Golden bisque
Neutral quad:
From left to right: Samael, Solas, Lucius & Laetus
Cool quad:
From left to right: Saleos, Shax, Liberatus & Lazarus
Warm quad:
From left to right: Succubus, Sytry, Latinus & Ludwin

I love that this palette will flatter every skin tone due to the different colors in the palette and that it is all matte shades. I own the Naked palette and the Too-Faced Chocolate Bar palette which is used to create lots of neutral looks, but they have a lot a shimmer shades-which I like but recently I’ve been into more matte/neutral looks lately. With the palette comes a sheet which shows how to get different eye looks from the palette. This is good for girls (and guys) who are beginners and probably will get overwhelmed by all the shades in the palette. Shhhiiit, I’m not a “beginner” per se and I still get a little overwhelm when I buy a palette because I’m not sure what eye shadows go together.


A look I did yesterday with the palette. Succubus as a transition shade, Sytry in my crease, Ludwin as my lid color and Latinus as my brow bone highlight.

This is my first palette that I have purcahsed from Kat Von D and I’m loving this one so far. A lot of beauty vloggers rave about her other palettes so when I bought this I already had high expectations. The shadows in this palette are very soft, pigmented (with the exception of Lucius and Liberatus-I had to do swatch it a couple of times for the shadow to pick up on my skin) and they blend like a dream. I won’t say its a must have for everyone. If you have a lot of neutrals in your collection, then you won’t really need this palette (unless you are a makeup junkie) because a lot of these shades are dupable. But if you don’t have a lot then I will say that you need this in your collection. It’s one of those palettes that help compliment your other eye shadow palettes. My favorite shadows are of course the ones in the warm quad. Those shades are right up my alley!

As of right now, the Shade + Light Eye Contour palette is currently sold out on, but I’m sure that its available in the stores. The palette retails for $46.

What are your thoughts on Kat Von D’s latest addition to her makeup line?


Hope you guys have a great week!
Simone Danielle