I’m back! Whew! This hiatus took a little longer than expected. A few months turned into over a year and I’m so sorry! As I wrote in my last post, I had to take a bit of a break from my blog to figure out why I started blogging in the first place and to make some necessary improvements. I was letting the success of other fashion bloggers get to me. I was starting to not believe in myself or in my brand. I was letting the numbers get to me in a negative way. I was starting to lose focus of why I started FRTW and the goals I had for my blog. Ultimately it wasn’t fun anymore, plus I was letting outside personal stress affect me. 
During my time off, I’ve switched from Blogger to WordPress (finally!) and revamped my entire website. I’ve also purchased the infamous Sony A5100 so that I can take better beauty shots, as well as product shots and spur of the moment OOTD’s. These are all changes that I’ve been pretty excited about because I can bring better content to FRTW. I still have some more items on my to do list that I need to finish, such as creating a weekly newsletter to send to y’all; but I’m getting a little tired of prolonging my return to you guys. If it’s anything that I’ve learned while being on hiatus is that if you continually wait until everything is perfect, you won’t start. 

I want to get back to creating content for you guys and cannot put off my return any longer. I’ve invested so much into this that I can’t just stop, plus momma didn’t raise a quitter. 

I cannot wait to see some of the new images and things that I’ve got in store. Thank you for being patient with me and if you haven’t yet please take a look around the new site! 


Simone Danielle