My First Jumpsuit


I have a secret to share with you guys that I’m a bit ashamed to share. You ready….? Okay. This is the first jumpsuit that I have ever worn. Whew, that felt good to get off my chest. I know what you’re thinking. What kind of lover of fashion am I? I know, I know. I’ve always wanted to wear jumpsuit, but I felt that I wouldn’t look good in them because I have a tummy. Ridiculous, right? And when I started to look for the perfect jumpsuit, none of them would fit right since I have a long torso (sad face). Thankfully I found the PERFECT one.

What I love about this jumpsuit is that it is very comfy. I feel as though I have nothing on and it doesn’t stick to my body, which makes it perfect to wear during the summer months. It’s a versatile piece – you can dress it up (which is what I did) or dress it down with a pair of sneakers. I’m always down for an item of clothing that I can wear in different ways.  I love the color. It looks like it’s blue or could be gray, but it’s a combination of both. It has a denim look to it but it isn’t denim at all, which is my favorite thing about this piece. Since it has a blue/gray hue to it, I decided to pair it with some white color-block heels from Zara and my favorite clutch also from Zara. I figured adding white to the look would play up the color of the jumpsuit and since I love gold, I had to add it to the look! What pulls it all together are these beautiful gold aviators from the Desi Perkins x Quay Australia collaboration. The aviators kind of brings a nice 60’s/70’s/retro vibe to the outfit, especially since the waist on the jumpsuit sits a bit high. No look isn’t complete without a lipstick. I wanted to wear an orange red lippie since it would tie in with the look and this one from Colourpop Cosmetics was peeerrrffeecctt. Also, did I mention that it only cost $5?!



photo credit: Jay Mischief

Jumpsuit: Brooklyn Industries / Clutch: Zara / Shoes: Zara / Sunnies: Quay Australia (sold out for now but will be restocking in September) / Lippie: Bootie by Colourpop Cosmetics

I know I’m not the only girl who has looked at a certain trend and feel as though they can’t pull it off? Just a reminder though, you shouldn’t let that stop you. Fashion is supposed to fun, so if you ever come something that you’re afraid to try, try it any way! You never know…an awesome outfit could be the result of it. Let me know what item of clothing (or trend) you’ve wanted to try and were a bit scared to?