All Black Everything & A Little Update


Happy Friday, loves! I know, I know…I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately and I’m sorry for that. These last few weeks have been a bit crazy for me! I’m starting a new chapter in my life and I’m a little scared and excited at the same time. 

I’ve started a new job which I am so thankful and grateful to have. I’m also leaving my old one (thank goodness because I was miserable), which means I’m currently working two jobs until next week. Next week I leave my old job and close that chapter in my life for good! With this new job, I won’t have to be at work as much as I did with my old job; which leaves me more time to focus on my blog and applying for graduate school. *sighs* I have a lot on my plate but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just a few months ago I was angry and a little lost. I felt as though the universe (or God or whoever) wasn’t listening to me. I was beginning to lose faith in myself and was becoming very miserable. Then a few weeks later everything started to look up. I’m saying this because I know how it feels to want to give up, be mad and tell the world to “F&!k off”, but I’m hear to tell you that things do get better….eventually.

But I digress.

On to the outfit…..





photo credit: Jay Mischief

Top: Forever 21 (sold out, similar) | Skirt: Who What Wear x Target | Shoes: Call It Spring | Clutch: Zara (old)

I love wearing all black! It’s very sleek and sexy…you can never go wrong with an all black outfit. Whenever I don’t know what to wear or I’m rushing out the house, I just throw on a black shirt and jeans with some nice shoes and it looks like I’ve made an effort, when in all actuality I didn’t :).

I’ve never worn a bodysuit before because I’ve always felt as though it wouldn’t look right on me since I have a tummy, but one day I said to myself “F&!k it” and decided to purchase on from Forever 21. (this a plus size one, but they do have the exact one for smaller sizes) I’m glad I did because I like the off the shoulders and choker detail. You can dress it up, like I did here or you can dress it down with jeans and a leather jacket. I’ve decided to dress it up a bit, so I went a black faux leather midi pleated skirt. This skirt is great and very lightweight, which makes it a good transition piece for the Fall/Spring seasons as well as the Winter with a pair of stockings underneath. I probably should have worn heels with this look, but I wanted to wear flats that day and thankfully I did because Jay and I were walking all over Lower East Side!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!