Favorite Lipsticks for the Winter

Top to bottom: Ashton, Love bug, Beauty Mark, Rooch, Embellish, Lucious

Every beauty fanatic has that one favorite product that they love- for some its foundation, blush or highlighters (my second obsession); but for me its lipstick. I LOOOOVVVE lipsticks. I have to try almost every brand and shade no matter if I have the same color in my collection or not; because not every brand has the same formula. Ever since I have gotten into makeup about two years ago, my makeup collection has grown tremendously! I’m pretty sure I have at least 100 lipsticks; maybe even more.

Having an extensive collection like that can be a bit hard to maintain because I tend to grab a select few every few months and rotate them depending on the season. With Winter officially here, I usually gravitate towards darker colors but I’m surprised that I have a few nude lippies on my list (they are my new go-to shade); nonetheless I did try to mix it up with the brands. It was a bit hard because Colourpop has been killing it with the colors and the price ($6!) , so apologies in advance for the CP overload on the list.

Check out the list down below and let me know what’s your favorite shade from the list!

What is your go to lipstick for the Winter? Let me know in the comments below!